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Introduction to Huaibei Normal University

Huaibei Normal University, located in the City of Huaibei - one of China's important energy bases and a National Garden City, is a regular undergraduate teachers university with a comparatively long history in Anhui Province. The university was founded as Anhui Normal University at Huaibei in 1974. After being approved by the State Council to be named "Huaibei Coal Industry Teachers College" and designated to be administered by the former Ministry of Coal Industry in December 1978, the university started to enroll students from all over China. In 1981, it was authorized to confer bachelor degrees. After September 1998, the university operated in a management system of "being jointly constructed by both the central and Anhui provincial governments, but mainly administered by the latter". In 2000 and 2007, the university passed the undergraduate education qualification and level evaluations conducted by the Ministry of Education with "grade A" respectively. In 2003, it was permitted to confer master degrees. In 2009, it got the permission to award a professional degree - Master of Education, and was also both provincially approved to carry out the project of constructing the university into one with the right to confer doctoral degrees and entitled to establish postdoctoral posts.

Situated at the foot of a mount and covered with green grasses, various trees and flowers which are not only luxuriant, but also well-spaced, the university campus is full of pleasant scenes and strong humanistic atmosphere. Hence it has been entitled "Garden-like Unit of Anhui" by the Department of Construction of Anhui Province. The university campus covers an area of about 140 hectares with the building area 466,000 square meters. The university library has stored 1.57 million paper books and 1.1 million e-books, and the total value of equipments for teaching and research is 130 million yuan. Various classrooms and laboratories are fully functional and well-equipped with advanced facilities and can meet the needs of teaching, research and talent cultivation. Now the university has 17 schools, 48 undergraduate specialties which cover 5 fields of disciplines, i.e. humanities, social studies, science, engineering and management. Up to now the university has been authorized to confer master degrees in 8 first-level discipline and 66 second-level disciplines, and it has also been approved to confer a professional degree - Master of Education.

The university has a rationally-structured and competent teachership. Among the full-time teachers 671 have got their doctor or master degrees and 524 have been awarded senior professional titles. Now it has 2 concurrent-post academicians, 1 state-level candidate of the "New Century Hundred, Thousand, and Ten-thousand Talent Project", 1 candidate of the "Excellent Young Teachers Program of MOE", 3 "Wanjiang Scholar" chair professors, 6 provincial-level star teachers, 6 provincial-level academic and technological leading teachers, 8 provincial outstanding university disciplinary talents, 27 provincial university disciplinary leading teachers among the young and middle-aged, 57 provincial outstanding young and middle-aged university teachers, 14 "National Outstanding Teachers" or "National May 1 Labor Medal" winners, 13 teachers enjoying special government allowance, 13 recipients of "ZENG Xian-zi Education Fund" and 14 provincial-level outstanding teachers, teacher-morality pacesetters or outstanding Party workers.

The university is also competent in scientific research. Now it has 5 state-level feature specialties, 3 provincial-level key specialties, 5 provincial-level key disciplines, 4 provincial-level key laboratories, 4 provincial-level model specialties in teaching reform, 4 provincial-level feature specialties, 1 provincial-level scientific and technological innovation team, 1 provincial-level teaching team, 4 provincial-level model centers for experimental teaching of foundation courses, 1 provincial-level experimental center for innovation of talent cultivation mode, 8 provincial-level courses with priority in construction, 20 provincial-level competitive courses and 1 municipal-level engineering center. The university has already undertaken 71 teaching research projects at provincial-level or above during the past few years, among which there are 18 key ones. In the latest two provincial-level teaching achievement evaluations, the university won 19 prizes with 5 first and 6 second. It has undertaken 55 state-level and 252 provincial-level or ministerial-level research projects, got 168 academic books and 4,200 research papers published with 332 papers in the journals included in the indexes SCI, EI and ISTP, and won 25 research awards at provincial or ministerial level and 2 at state level. The university currently sponsors the following academic journals or newspapers: Journal of Huaibei Normal University, Ancient Chinese Books Research, Collected Papers of Documentary Study in Anhui, and Huaibei Normal University News.

The university also attaches great importance to exchange and cooperation with other institutions. It has established interscholastic exchange and cooperation relationships with more than 70 key universities and research institutes within China, and Western Kentucky University, Roger Williams University, Harding University in the United States, La Trobe University in Australia. The exchange and cooperation have been strengthened by both inviting scholars from home and abroad to deliver lectures and holding state-level and provincial-level academic conferences at the university.

Over the past years of practice, the university has been sticking to the principle of "taking cultivating talents as the fundamental task and moral education with priority", and has formed the following university motto: "Acquire knowledge extensively, ponder things deeply, establish lofty ideals and take action with down-to-earth effort", the university spirit: "Be industrious with work and dedicated to profession", the general teaching mood: "Educate people as well as impart book knowledge and be exemplary role-models", the general learning mood: "Pursue the unity of knowledge and action, and learn to be a true person" and the particular university awareness: "Regard the university?s honors and disgraces as mine, take the university as my home and embrace teaching as my life-long career". So far, the university has cultivated more than 30,000 talents of different specialties and made significant contributions to the economic and social development of the country.

The university has got very positive evaluations from its superior and wide acclaim from society for its high quality of education. Different prizes and awards it has won are as follows: "Advanced Unit of Talent Cultivation in Anhui Province" (2 times), "Advanced Unit in Employment Work Among the Regular Undergraduate Universities in Anhui Province" (3 times), "National Advanced Party Organization at the Basic Level", "Advanced Unit of Anhui Province", etc. The university has also been entitled 21 times as "National Advanced Unit in University Students' Social Practice" and "Outstanding Service Team" by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Ministry of Education, and the Central Committee of the Youth League during the past 19 years. In 2009, the university was appointed by the Central Committee of the Youth League the experimental unit for organization construction and work at the grassroots level.

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